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See the links below to view a selection of our upholstery collection

Lavinia by Collins & Hayes   Miller by Collins & Hayes   Radley by Collins & Hayes
Amersham by Parker Knoll   Groove by Alexander & James   Hawthorne by Collins & Hayes
    Faro by Whitemeadow   Luna by Whitemeadow
Ciao by Natuzzi   Hoxton by Alexander & James    
eDEN BY aLSTONS        
Jean by Alexander & James   Simone by Famas   Violino
monte by ashley manor   hobbs by ashley manor    
Boston by Whitemeadow       Finley by Alpha Designs
Camden by Ashley Manor   Chelsea by Ashley Manor    
Sullivan by Alstons   Fleming by Alstons   Camden by Alstons
Baker by Alexand & James   Farrow by Ashley Manor   Themse by Himolla
Enzo by Whitemeadow   San Remo by Whitemeadow   Hampton by Parker Knoll
Natuzzi   Natuzzi   Natuzzi
Sofabeds   Natuzzi   Groove by Alexander & James
Memphis by Alstons        
Vincent by Alpha   Reed by Alpha   Newport by Alstons
Candi by Whitemeadow        
        B757 Natuzzi
B790   B817 Natuzzi   WEstchester
Themis by ROM   Demios by ROM   Bellanova by ROMl
Parker Knoll Evolution   Parker Knoll Evolution   Parker Knoll Evolution Chairs
Paradise by Alexander & Jam   Maison AMelie by Parker Knoll   Maison Isabelle by Parker Knoll
Maison Etienne by Parker Knoll   Maison Leon by Parker Knoll   Bailey by Alexander & James
Metro by Whitemeadow   Florian by Alstons   Newark by Parker Knoll
B757 Natuzzi   Morgan by Westbridge    
Escape Collection   Rhine by Himolla   Venezia by Alstons
Retreat by Alexander & James   Newport by Alstons   Venezia by Alstons
Stockholm by Alstons   Tempest by Alstons   Lowry by Alstons
Francesca   Harlow   Carrera by Ahsley Manor
Bossanova by Whitemeadow   Lisbon by Whitemeadow   Panama by Alstons
Sdaler by Whitemeadow   Joesphine by Fama   Fairfield by Sofa Guild
Venice by Alstons   Boston by Parker Knoll   Eden by Alexander & James
Dexter by Westbridge   Munroe by Ashley Manor   Bergen by Whitemeadow
Provence by Alstons   Denver by Parker Knolls   Hamilton by Ashwood
Tazman by Sofa Guild   Seattle by parker Knoll   Zen by Whitemeadow
Salerno Natuzzi   Warwick by Parker Knoll   Bailey by Alexander & James
Burghley by Parker Knoll   Halley by Alpha   Oakham by Parker Knoll
Hudson by Parker Knoll   Arianne by Fama   Albany by Parker Knoll
Woburn by Celebrity   Calisto by Fama   Fama Chairs
Chester by Himolla   Opera by Fama   Barcelona by Alstons
New York by Sofa Guild   Madison by Fama   Camden by Alstons
Oscar by Sofa Guild   Boston by Fama